About Mighty Moms Foundation

Mighty Moms Foundation, a charitable foundation established by Dr. John Burnett of Fresno, California, recognizes the intense financial burdens and emotional stresses single mothers must face as they undergo cancer treatments. The Mighty Moms Foundation endeavors to provide financial assistance, along with other types of support, in order to aid these brave women as they struggle to nurture and maintain their families during this extremely difficult time.

The goal of Mighty Moms Foundation is to identify and provide assistance to single mothers undergoing cancer treatment who demonstrate significant financial needs relative to supporting their dependent children and maintaining their families.

Potential recipients will be identified and referred to the Mighty Moms Foundation by their treating physicians. A needs assessment will be conducted by the Mighty Moms Review Committee. Financial awards will be granted based on determined financial need and circumstances without prejudicial discrimination.

Services Mighty Moms Foundation Provides

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance, the primary focus of the Mighty Moms Foundation, is provided to single mothers to aid with monthly household expenses and other illness-related expenses while undergoing treatment. The assistance provided is geared toward alleviating stress, which may interfere with treatment and recovery.

Emotional Support

Counseling services provided to single mothers and their children to assistant them as they learn to cope with cancer. We hope to provide a supportive outlet and a vehicle for expressing feelings regarding the cancer experience as well as assist mothers with supportive parenting strategies.

Health & Wellness Support

Health, fitness and nutrition counseling provided with information and activities designed to encourage our families to establish and maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle during and after treatment.

Genereal Support & Outreach

In coordinating a volunteer network with youth community service organizations, faith-based organizations, mentoring and leadership organizations at local schools and colleges, legal and mental health professionals, and others, we will attempt to provide services on an as-needed basis including:

Support for Children

Mighty Moms Foundation provides or facilitates opportunities for children to participate in activities and events:

Contact Mighty Moms Foundation

If you are a patient or patient representative inquiring about our services or hoping to find out more about how you can help families through the Mighty Moms Foundation, please send an email to info@mightymomsfoundation.org or call us at 559-540-1115.